Joined the unit on 1st of April 3080
Warrior Ristar
Alphius Aurelius the II
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Date of Birth :
Dec 29, 3045
English, Spanish, French
Studying Military Tactics, Heavy Metal Music
Place of Birth
Federated Commonwealth
New Avalon
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Short Range Brawler
Marauder II
Alphius's Photo


In 3042 Alphius Aurelius the I and Sarah Aurelius gave birth to Alphius the II on New Avalon within the Federated Commonwealth. Alphius the I was a member of an elite unit called, the 12th Donegal Guards, at the time they were Victor Davion's unit. Alphius the I was good friends with Victor, and Victor grew to really like Alphius the I, so Victor allowed Alphius the I to lead one of the lanes in the unit. In late 3051 the clan invasion begun, Victor knew something had to be done about the menacing clans, so the 12th Donegal Guards were called into action. Before the 12th left New Avalon, their family's were allowed to stay in a secure area near the capital. Alphius Jr. kissed his father, that he so loved and made him promise he would return.

The 12th was sent to Trellman were they faced Clan Jade Falcon. The unit was annihilated and during Victor's retreat Alphius the I gave his life to protect Victor. Witnessing the heroic feat Victor promised to take care of the Aurelius family. When Victor returned to New Avalon with what was left of the 12th Donegal Guards, he had many things on his agenda, one was visiting Alphius Jr. The amazing skill and cruelty the clans possessed and he knew he had to instill a new spirit and hope into our younger generations to come. Alphius had gotten word that his father had died before Victor's arrival, and he only wanted to know one thing, how he had died. When Victor arrived he instantly, sensed and saw the pure revenge thirsting in Alphius' heart. His eyes were dark red and filled with tears, before Victor could even say anything Alphius asked "How did he die?!" Victor proceeded to comfort Little Alphius and told him everything that had happened to his father and the bravery he had shown. Before leaving he told Alphius, if revenge was the path he had chosen, then he would allow him to go too the Nagelring (the premier military academy in the Lyran Alliance. Notable graduates include Victor Steiner-Davion, Peter Steiner-Davion, and Aleksandr Kerensky.)

At the academy Alphius the II seemed to be serious all the time. He studied hard at night, and sat at the front of every class. Alphius became obsessed with school and training and didn't make many friends at the time. Other students began to talk about him and make jokes, about his mysterious behavior. So he earned the callsign "Enigma". He graduated in the top 3 of his class, but months after graduation the FedCom civil war erupted. And Alphius was put smack dab in the middle. He had trained in the Lyrtan Alliance but was from New Avalon. He decided he owed his loyalty too Victor. At age 22 and fresh out of the academy he joined a small guerilla warfare unit for the Federated Suns, the 11th Avalon Hussars. In 3065, they fought against the Lexington Combat Group on Brockway, suffering heavy loses, they had to retreat to Ridgebrook. Later that year, the 11th Avalon Hussars, the Ridgebrook CMM and the 4th Donegal Guards attacked New Syrtis. The Hussars suffered heavy loses again and lost most of their officers. Their remainders with Alphius were used as a bat for a trap before the invaders had to retreat from New Syrtis. The defeat of his fathers unit and his, felt like a curse on his family to Alphius. When the civil war ended Alphius had lost all trust in the houses and decided the best place for him may be with a mercenary unit. Loyal to eachother and the job.


Alphius is a serious individual, he takes pride in his commitment to excellence and perfection. He also expects the same from anyone under his command. He could be a very good friend to some, but its hard to really get on an emotional connection with Alphius. His father\\\'s death still bothers him to this day, and his hate for the Clans continues to grow. He will fight side by side with ex-clanners, but it will take more than combat for Alph to trust them. Alphius is Dark and Mysterious in his nature, but other than that a great warrior to have on your side in a tough situation.