Joined the unit on 10th February 3074
Johnathan Gold
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Date of Birth :
November 20th, 3046
Star League Antiquities
Place of Birth
Lyran Alliance
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Long Range Support
Yu Huang Y-H10G
Lucky's Photo


Johnathan grew up in a small time Mercenary unit named Randy's Rangers while they were stationed on Arc-Royal in '46. Sub-contracted to the Kell Hounds his parents Joe and Sue Gold were members of the company's second lance. Life was good. John's parents were gone a lot as to be expected in a military unit. The young boy spent many a day at school studying and playing vid-games in his spare time. When he was old enough he was put through school to join the ranks as a mechwarrior. He was a mediocre student at best. His heart just wasn't in it.

John's first passion was for anything dealing with the original Star League. He collected anything he could find on the subject from books to antiquities when he could afford them. That all changed in 3062.

Randy's Rangers were contracted out to the St. Ives Compact when the Liao invasion begun. Both of Johns Parents were killed in the fighting on Indicass. Orphaned, John was stewarded by the Rangers Commander. When he reached eighteen years of age he used his parents savings to enlist in Arc-Royals combat training program. Unlike the unmotivated student he once was, Johnathan now excelled at everything he did. He graduated with honors at a rank of Lieutenant and even made a lifetime contact with one of the instructors. Offered a post in the Hounds second Battalion John declined the offer. He would be a Ranger and that was that. Taking a rank pay decrease he was taken aboard as the commander of his parents old second lance.

John's first tour with the Rangers was picture perfect. He showed excellent tactical abilities and remarkable skill as a pilot and was gifted with fountains of luck. Garrisoning the planet of Anegasaki of the Duchy of Oriente in the FWL John fought valiantly to fight off the Liao raiders that harassed his force regularly in '68. John discovered he had a deep seeded hate toward the Capellan people for killing his parents.

Johnathan Gold's second tour was a disaster. Still stationed on Anegasaki in 3071 John's lance was ordered to prevent Liao raiders from escaping with over five thousand tons of supplies. The two forces met just outside the small town of Anigberg. John's normal ride for the past two years had been a classic Archer-2r. The old warhorse had been retired by the Ranger's Commander just weeks ago and John was just getting accustomed to his newly captured Helios sixty-ton battlemech when the raiders attacked. John had almost refused the Capellan design but, because the mechs origins lay within the St. Ives Compact, he took it to the field.

Lucky as the Rangers called him ordered his lance-mate piloting a Cobra to take up John's normal position of fire support while the other three lance members barreled their way into the Liao line. John was unused to being in the thick of things preferring to command and assist from a support area. The closeness of the battle and the unfamiliar feel of the Helios controls inevitably spelled defeat. The Liao raiders escaped off world and all three of Johns lance mates were killed in the fight. Only luck let John survive the battle when a missile salvo to his cockpit knocked him unconscious and left him for dead. The Rangers forgave John but he could not forgive himself. Feeling responsible for the deaths of his friends and comrades he resigned from the Rangers and headed to Terra to seek employment with another outfit


John has excellent leadership skills in company sized forces or smaller, always complimenting his troops and giving them the support they need. He has lost confidence in these skills however and God only knows if he will recover. While he doesn't admit this to people he sometimes sees and hears his old friends who died that day. John is only five foot four and is not very strong. He practices Aikido to use others weight and strength against them. He is also extremely dexterous and has fantastic reflexes making him a solid veteran pilot on the field. He is respectful of his commanders but has no trouble voicing his opinions whether they agree or not so they know where he stands. John loves camaraderie and feels most at home in the mess hall exchanging stories with other unit members. He is considered likable by most and lucky by all but himself.