Joined the unit on 1st January 3080
Kintaro Tanaka
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
179 cm
75 kg
Date of Birth :
25 July 3050
Japanese and English
Acrobatics, Martial Arts and Kendo. Military science and history come easy to Kintaro
Place of Birth
Draconis Combine
Nadair of Kagoshima
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Black Ops Special Teams
Kintaro's Photo


Being born into a spacer family isn't so bad. They say I had mastered zero g and g tolerance before I could walk but I am sure that is an exaggeration. My mother was 9 months pregnant with me and the doctors told her she should hold off jumping until my birth but she is an ever head strong woman and insisted to return home to Kagoshima.

Surrounded by my mothers parents I stated to learn at a very early age. Martial Arts, acrobatics, blades and throwing stars were my staple. All I recall is the long tiring hours spent hanging from a branch or ledge. If I let go I got beat and made to do it over. Gradually things became easier and it was found that I had a natural aptitude for thrown weapons. I learned the most important lesson one can learn...patience. There we many things that took place at night and much to my grandfathers surprise I can see almost as well as I can see in the day. At first I was hesitant with this new ability but as my confidence grew so did my boldness.

All of this was with bouts of travel with my parents and I soon mastered Zero g and g tolerance. I do not think this would have been without my grand fathers training. Time flew and as I approached my 16th year of birth my father have a unique present for me. As it is required in the Combine for all young men to serve he had arranged for me to attend the prestigious Zun Zhang Mech Warrior Academy on New Samarkland. The academy is infamous for its harsh and brutal regimen; its cadets are steeped in bushido and instilled with intense loyalty to House Kurita. It was highly suggested that failure was not an option as I would bring disgrace upon our families honor and name.

The schooling was grueling but compared to grandfathers they didn\'t compare. The hours flew by and soon I was noticed by all of my instructors. Martial Arts, Blades and all of my classes became second nature to me. Cadet Matsuhari became a steadfast competitor with me and enemy. HE was livid when he found out I was to graduate with honors and he was not. Then came the icing on the cake so to speak as I had applied for and was accepted to DEST training and OCS.

DEST training was grueling and I think my grand father had taught them what they know. I excelled in it however and after I got my commission to Chu-i I was informed that I would be sent on a covert mission. So all in all in 8 short years I managed to squeeze in Basic Military Training, Mechwarrior Training, DEST and OCS and graduate with honors. Not too bad if I say so my self.

I was called Ice by my instructors and when I asked how come it was explained to me in that they felt I had ice with in my veins and seemed fearless. I never backed down, would wait until the best possible moment to attack regardless and when I did it was fearless and with out hesitation. I remember we had a training simulation in our mechs and one of the students passed out. In doing so he managed to somehow disable his containment shield of his engine and it was going into overload. While everyone else ran for safety I walked calmly over, climbed a gantry and managed to get hsi cockpit open. Pulling him out I then shut down his mech. I am not sure what the fuss if over, if they had thought about this rationally any of them would have done the same.

I can not discuss much of the covert ops but the three I was to dispatch died efficiently and by my hand. I need only a short amount of training to be certified in aerospace fighters then I will be equally at home on the ground and air. I must say though my love is in covert ops as you are free to act. However, being assigned to DEST I am equally at home in my mech and hopefully soon in an aerospace craft.


Kintaro is driven by honor and a desire to accomplish any task he is given. The skills he learned as a boy and later honed as a man has made him one of DEST best. His loyalty is beyond reproach. He is athletic and works out every day to maintain his edge. None have ever seen him angry and he devotes his spare time to gardening. He is an avid go player as well as any other game that challenges the mind. He studies martial arts as well as kendo. What most people notice about him are his eyes, he seems to never miss anything but sees with out looking. He seems top have few fi any friends but is loyal to those he trusts.