The Restless Souls is a Mercenary Unit based in the fictional universe of Battletech. We are a RPG (role-playing-game) unit based on PBF (play-by-forum). We operate under the guidance of Battletech-Mercenaries (BTM) which is a community of people who have put together a system to help and guide the mercenary units that apply by their rules.

Here Begins Your Travels With The Restless Souls Among The Stars Of The Inner Sphere!

The first phase of "Operation Horus' Creance" is in full swing.

Source: CNS

Date: 12th of June, 3100

(25th of July, 2019)

Over Tantara, the Davion back Restless Souls Lethal Obsidian Naval Assault Squadron (Concordat-Class Frigate, Carson-Class Destroyer, Davion Block I-class Destroyer, 3x Mako-class Corvettes) established Space Superiority and severed the Jumpship Conduit against the Second Capellan Navy Warship Division (CCS Anhui, CCS Ziguo Zhe, CCS She Shou, Impavido III-class Destroyers)

The Fourth Crucis Lancers failed to capture St. Loris against Little Richards Panzer Brigade a unit with all tanks. Their armor went hull down and defeated the 'Mech force. Medusan Hydra and Basilisk Squadrons succeeded in the supporting air mission. The RS Frigate, Sovereign Justice misjumped and never made it to the fight, but the remaining five WarShips did the deed.

Field Marshall Xavier Steele pulled units from the 1st Hellstorm Hussars RCT on Warlock and the 1st Ceti Hussars RCT on Tallin and hit St Loris again. The ConMag had reinforced St Loris with Home Guard Units from Indicass and Tantara but Davion smashed them none-the-less. The Capellan Defense Units were pretty tenacious too. They fought the Wolf's Dragoons and the 4th Illician Lancers to a draw on Xieng Khouang and Madras. The Dragoons are in no shape to Raid Menke in Wave Two. And the 1st Dismal Disinherited never had a chance against those Elite Warriors of House Fujita. But those units were only meant to Raid their targets so they achieved their mission objective, just barely. The Defender Units are all less than 20% operational as well. Those were some hard fought battles.


Unit created on 1st January 3069

Xavier Steele has been the commander of The Restless Souls Mercenary Unit since its inception in 3069. Although plagued by a shortage of 'MechWarriors, he has grown the unit into full strength Brigade with combined arms of tanks, infantry, as well as 'Mechs. Some at the DMM have suggested that he resign due to his getting along in years and allow new blood circulate through the ranks. This is unlikely to happen. Steele considers himself a mentor to all the Souls Colonel and Majors and so will stay on until he thinks one of his Senior Staff is ready to pick up the controls. "After that," as he always says, "I'll consider retirement."

Senior Lieutenant Brandi Rodriguez, the units former-Executive Officer, has turned around the moral of the unit from an all-time low to above average high. This has been attributed to her background, that having been a lowly grunt herself, and her unorthodox style of command. The XO position has hit some hard times. After Brandi redirected her efforts to Battalion Adjutant, Nariko Matsuhita was recalled, however; within four short months she was Court Marshaled. With the serious injury that was sustained by Brandi in combat she was no longer an option for the XO position. Nariko's replacement was Christian Levesque who within a month of becoming the Restless Souls Executive Officer accepted an alternate posting to a Davion Guard Unit. Then came one of the Soul's lieutenants, namely Alex McCray. Alex took the reins of the XO seat and seemed to grab on to it for the long haul. He impressed by the sheer hours he spent every day deep into paperwork or at the controls of his mech. He was the winning ticket, but Lady Luck had something else in store for the Restless Souls and Alex succumbed to a terrible disease that kept him away from his posting for a long time. Without an XO for a long time Steele had to replace Alex with the Chief Logistics Officer, Anakin, an 'adopted' Wolf clanner. Anakin became one of the first clanners to obtain a senior posting in a DMM unit. He 'rejuvenated' the unit with new training programs that were a reminder of the enemy that almost conquered the Inner Sphere years back. He has been XO for over eight years now, but if he keeps up fighting like he does, the Lieutenant General might need to consider for yet another replacement.

Each Battalion of the Restless Souls excels in a particular art of warfare. The Command Battalion, Primary Battalion, can defend a piece of property like it was an entire Brigade all by itself, and is considered the Souls' defensive experts. The Assault Battalion, called Sledgehammer, does best in the attack, using its massive size and long range firepower to blast through enemy positions. The Recon Battalion, nicknamed Eagle Eye, is best at raiding and recon. The 'Hunter-Killer' Battalion, Heaven's Fist, is feared around the Inner Sphere for the notorius ability to root out and apprehend high profiled enemy units. The Stike Battalion, Manticore, has mastered the art of long range fire power from behind cover with the resources to bring well over 1,000 long range warheads in on a target. With the increased size to Regiment and then to Brigade the Battalions have grown in size and in numbers. Their AeroSpace Fighter Support now two full Wings, Iron Falcon, can appear behind enemy lines at will and wreck havoc, even through the most heavily defended strong points. The Restless Souls Vehicle Regiment, commanded by Colonel Jason Fosdick as well as its Infantry Regiment, VTOL Regiment, a support Regiment, two AeroSpace Fighter Wings, its DropShip Fleet, and JumpShip Armada provide the Souls with the independence and staying power they need to stay viable.

With the aquisition of three Landholds, a Countship and a Baronet, the Restless Souls now have a place to call home and a place where they can leave their dependents and draw upon for new recruits, perform training, garner yearly revenue, and have their very own Military Hardware Depots.

The Brigade as a whole is considered a leader when it comes to defense. The Restless Souls have an uncanny ability to use the terrain and resources around them to their best advantage. Enemies who think a field is empty find themselves shocked when Restless Souls 'Mechs suddenly spring up around them.