Progress on 'Operation Yellow Bird'

Source: CNS

Date: December 14th 3082

(29th of October, 2010)

Armed with secret data provided by a MI6 infiltrator of the Internal Security Force, known only as Tristan, Task Force Cobra commanded by General Margeurite McCaffee Commanding Officer of the 3rd Davion Guard RCT launched phase two of Operation Yellow Bird. After nearly three months of preparation and but a few jumps from their target, Margeurite McCaffee is found dead, the victim of an assassination. Her second in command, Lieutenant General Xavier Steele, commander of the elite Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade, stepped into her place and successfully liberated Mara from the Draconis Combine. In a tooth and nail fought battle the three Davion Regiments overcame two Nova Cat provisional Galaxies of Solahma warriors.

Baxter Attacked!

Source: CNS

September 1st 3082

(20th of October, 2010)

With the reversal of House Kurita's advances made on the following worlds, Marfik, Eagelsham, Phalan, and Accrington it helped to relieve some of the pressure on the Restless Souls Garrison of Baxter. Clan Nova Cat was forced to divert some of its resources to these worlds to prevent a complete route leaving the Restless Souls ample opportunity to thwart the Nova Cats siege of thier Landhold by conducting guerrilla warfare from the Sears Mountains. Through the sanctity of ComStar the Restless Souls were able to send a Alpha priority message to Lyran Alliance Fleet Admiral Lyn Hood concerning the presences of the Clan Nova Cat Warship the Aegis-Class Chronicle.

Company Store in the Periphery March

Source: CNS

Date: 1st February 3082

(12th September 2010)

In a four month long protracted battle of cat-and-mouse the Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade finally eradicated all Clan Cloud Cobra forces from Rosepine as well as their allies Clan Star Adder. In the process First Princess Yvonne Steiner-Davion formed a mirror Regiment of the Rosepine Raiders.

Field Marshal Carrie Zetso was either promoted above her capacity or the power of being a newly appointed Duchess of the Federated Suns Periphery March went to her head. In an attempt to get the Restless Souls beholden to her March she had Rosepine 'civilians' capture and hold the Restless Souls StarLord-Class JumpShip, the Millennium Falcon, hostage and later subsequently blew it up killing all personnel on board.

After the conclusion of their contract the Restless Souls challenged their newest charge, the Rosepine Raiders Regiment, and extracted retribution on them with a vengeance.

All evidence of Duchess Carrie Zetso's involvement in the conflict with the Restless Souls died with her aide Jerald Adderman. Yvonne Steiner-Davion did not blame the Duchess nor does she hold a grudge against the Restless Souls for the havoc they have wrecked on her Perhiphery March. In liue of this, the First Princess offered Steele a Marquesship over Quentin. And stationed the newly reconstituted 2nd Avalon Hussars RCT on Quentin to protecting the vaulable resource the Mech factories represent.

The Shadow Divisions Uncovered!

Source: CNS

Date: 6th June 3081

(18th April 2010)

The Restless Souls uncovered the diabolical plot of the Blakist to detonate a nuclear warhead against the denizens of innocent Lacklandians and thwarted it. They also chased the Word of Blake Shadow Division from Lackland however leaving behind small pockets of resistance. It was also discovered that the Percentor of the Shadow Division and Clan Star Adder had made a bargain to invade the Federated Suns Capitol of New Avalon with their first stepping stone to be the Broken Wheel Combat Region capitol world.

In a pitched battle the Restless Souls Mercenary Brigade, with the help of a rogue ComStar Level IV, put an end to the Blakist and Clan Star Adders delusions of granduer.

Restless Souls hunt Shadow Division

Source: CNS

Date: 3rd October 3080

(22nd September 2009)

The Restless Souls have reemerged from hiding to perform a raid in Clan Star Adder held territory in the employ of the Federated Suns. It is beleived that they are in search of a Word of Blake Shadow Division, that has turned Lackland into a staging area for their larger offensive, feeding through replacement troops and supplies. There also appears to be some sort of operation going on in space, although CNS sources cannot determine what. Reports from the few intelligence assets left in the region indicate that the majority of Blakist naval assets, along with a large portion of their assault force, departed not long after, presumably to attack other Adder-held systems.

Unofficial reports state that the Restless Souls Brigade are being commissioned to disrupt the Word of Blake operations on Lackland and to determine what operations the Blakists are conducting in the system, and hinder them as much as possible. It has also been leaked from an unofficial source that elements of the Brigade will be siphoned off to provide what assistance they can to the civilian survivors in areas damaged by Word of Blake launched Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Restless Souls in Silenzio Stampa

Source: CNS

Date: 1st January 3080

(1st July 2009)

The Restless Souls have still to release a report on their current location or their current contract. News reporters have unsuccessfully tried to find out information about the famed mercenary unit. The only contact the CNS had with Restless Souls personnel was at the Alice Spring Complex on Terra where the RS public relations officer there just said that the Restless Souls are for now in Silenzio Stampa.

Unofficial reports state that the unit was last seen in the region of the Kestrel Combat Region, where it was spread on multiple planets before gathering on Kestrel from where its traces were lost. From Fed Suns budget reports we can confirm that the mercenary unit is in the employ of the Federated Suns, but on what planet we cannot confirm yet.

Restless Souls return from Zortman!

Source: CNS

Date: 1st July 3079

(1st May 2009)

After a long period of radio silence with the news crew all around the Free Worlds League the Restless Souls Mercenary Regiment is reported to be returning from the Civil War striffen nation towards the core planets. It is yet unclear what the next move of the famed mercenary unit will be as no one from the Restless Souls command staff has been available for comment.

Unoficial reports state that the unit has gone through an extensive reorganization including changes in lance nicknames for some of the original lances that have been with the unit since its primitive beginnings.

Situation on Irian intensifies!

Source: CNS and RS Command Staff

Date: 17th September 3078

(20th December 2008)

Reports from Irian have forced Major General Pablo Álvarez of the SLDF 42nd Division to arrive on planet to take control the system and restore order, he has orders from Director General Yohan Lacroix to stablize the planet by any means possible and put Colonel Ramadhani under arrest for abusing her authority.

Major General Álvarez has asked that the Restless Souls stay on planet to act as a buffer between the loyal 8 Regiments under his command and the unsure Ra's Dragoons.

The SLDF does not wish to get involved in the great strife in the FWL unless the Star League Senate was to condone it.

Faced with potentially strengthening Rousset-Marik forces in the interim, Colonel Steele orders an offensive to push back the rebels positions and secure the main manufacturing and urban areas against increasingly strong raids. The confirmation of already-arrived reinforcements for the opposition make the Souls' job even tougher than initially hoped. Behind the scenes, Star League and Comstar politics add an undercurrent of disturbing machinations that could have negative impacts on the Souls lives both on and off the battlefield.

Restless Souls make landfall on Irian!

Source: RS Command Staff

Date: 17th May 3078

(20th September 2008)

Upon landing on Irian and meeting with Colonel Monika Ramadhani of the 3rd Regiment from the 2nd Brigade of the SLDF's 42nd Division, the Restless Souls discover that the SLDF Colonel is seeking to build a coalition of worlds fighting under the SLDF banner. To this end she dispatches Colonel Steele and his Regimental Command Lance to Acubens as her SLDF proxy and appoints the Restless Souls second-in-command, Galaxy Captain Anakin, defacto Commander of the Restless Souls Regiment.

Anakin successfully defends the Star League depot and the Irian continent of Indran from the first Regiment of the Smithson Chinese Bandits. Colonel Ramadhani's Dragoon Regiment fights the second Regiment of the Smithson Chines Bandits to a draw across the other three continents of Hathor, Bruin and Kriess.

Feeling pressure from Colonel Shin Xong Ho of the Dieudonne Military District and his 25th Mark Militia, General Darren Sulsberger, Legate of Acubens, denied Colonel Ramadhani's mutual-defense pact slash coalition and sent her envoys, the Restless Command Lance, packing. In Colonel Steele's departure he survived a botched assassination attempt where an entire Union-class DropShip and crew were lost. The attempted assassination is thought to be the hasty, unsanctioned work of General Darren Sulsberger, in an attempt to curry favor with Lady Alys.

Upon Colonel Steele's return to the Irian Star System he discovers that the SLDF Depot is secure, the 1st Regiment of Smithson’s Chinese Bandits have withdrawn to Arafura, Colonel Ramadhani's Dragoon Regiment has left the planet to further her ideas on a SLDF mutual-defense pact with Castor, the Restless Souls Regiment is still planetside, mainly symbolic, and the SLDF Colonel has returned security to the local military, Colonel Llyod Reissing’s 13th Marik Militia. And to further complicate matters Ramadhani insist that Steele continue on in a diplomatic capacity and attempt to get IrTech Conglomerate, the Irian Government, to join her coalition to bleed them of their BattleMech resources.

On the heels of a clandestine AeroSpace fighter sortie against IrTech and Irian's capitol, Arafura, hired by Colonel Ramadhani unbeknownst to Colonel Steele, the CEO of IrTech, Sigmund Hughes, and the Irian BattleMechs Unlimited Director, Nathaniel Rivarez, capitulate and sign the accord. On his way to link up with Ramadhani who is recharging at Talitha, Colonel Steele uncovers evidence of Monika Ramadhani's treachery in hiring Mercenaries to perform the air raid on IrTech. He confronts Ramadhani with the evidence only to uncover how ruthless she really is.

Returning to Irian he learns of Llyod Reissing’s 13th Marik Militia entering the fray on the continent of Idran in support of Lady Alys offensive and her mercenaries the Smithson Chinese Bandits.

Quentin Assault Goes Down The Hill!

Source: CNS

Date: 17th March 3078

(20th December 2007)

The 4th Deneb Light Calvary Unit was routed by the Elite Genyosha Regiment on El Largo suffering a 60% casuality rate across all five of its regiments and its 6 fighter wings due to superior Genyosha discipline and its tenacity for the Dragon. The 5th was recalled from Gladius and its defense of that continent to reinforce its rapidly deteriorating sister unit. This move was anticipate by the command elements of the 2nd Genyosha and they laid a well orchestrated trap for the dropping 5th Deneb Light Calvary Regiment. In the ensuing battle the 5th suffered a 40% attrition rate to its three regiments and both its fighter wings to an overall 25% attrition rate to the entire 2nd Genyosha Regiment. The 4th and the 5th have retreated to their JumpShips to lick their wounds.

In lieu of the catastrophe that was heap upon the 3rd Davion RCT, Colonel Larette Thomas, forewent her assault on the Independence Factory Complex, and mounted rescue efforts of General McCaffee's stricken 3rd Davion Regimental Combat Team, with two of her Battalions, Alpha and Bravo, which have each suffered less than 5% attrition. Colonel Larette Thomas left behind Major John Van Dyke's Charlie Battalion as her screening and monitoring force in case she could return within the 60 day mission parameter to resume the Harlock Warrior's primary mission.

In the meantime, the main body of the Restless Souls launched a surprise attack behind the 10th Ghost's lines, striking their main supply base. Finding the base nearly unguarded, Xavier Steele's troops proceeded to destroy thousands of tons of ammunition and supplies, looting several choice items and then making good their escape.

Samuel Noda, enraged by the attack, quickly organized his troops and set off after the mercenaries, smashing into the Souls outside their temporary camp in Steel Valley with traditional Kuritan ferocity. Faced with mounting damage and permanent losses, Colonel Steele made the decision to make a break for the Bakersville facilities and safety. A single warrior's sacrifice nullified Tai-sa Noda, leaving the Souls free to escape and lick their wounds.

Meanwhile, Heaven's Fist company completed their own assignment as a partial success, rendering the 10th's hidden communications center a smoking wreck and capturing Sho-sa Kriston.

Souls make landfall on Quentin

Source: Restless Souls Command

Date: 10th February 3078

(5th December 2007)

As the five regiments made planet fall the 3rd Davion RCT was hit by an unimaginable atrocity. Four of their 'Mech carrying, Overlord-class DropShips met with diasaster before ever making to the planet. The remaining four regiments of the 4th & 5th Deneb Light Calvaries, the Restless Souls, and the Harlock Warriors could only watch helplessly in horror as the four Overlords exploded over the landing zone.

Almost immediately after making landfall on Quentin, the Restless Souls found themselves harassed by Combine defenders. Despite the attacks, the main body of the regiment managed to secure the city of Bakersville and relocated to a more defensible position inside the city proper shortly thereafter. With the loss of the 3rd Davion Guards greatly altering the planet-wide offensive, the other Davion units struggled with achieving their own objectives. Meanwhile, the Souls continued to gather intelligence and engage those Draconis units that showed themselves, all the while preparing to eliminate or, at the very least, render the 10th Ghost command elements incapable of doing their job.

NEWS: End Game!

Source: Restless Souls Command

Date: 20th October 3077

(10th November 2007)

On the 17th of October, those BattleMech elements of the Restless Souls still capable of full-unit action executed an all-out assault on the main Bris compound. Having evacuated all possible civilians from the area prior to the attack, the Souls were able to unleash their most potent warriors with little concern for collateral damage. Static fortifications and turreted support weapons caused no small amount of difficulty for the attackers, but the Restless pilots persevered. In the end, an apparent act of pilot error led to an anti-climatic ending as Bykov Lebovic's 'mech was rendered unusable in an unforced fall. Rumors of outside influence in the error cannot be confirmed.

Bykov survived his machine's demise, and has been exiled from Palmyra. Meanwhile, local officials have begun to take steps to purge the economic infrastructure of coporations under the Bykov influence. Planetary morale remains high as the cause of freedom has triumphed over tyranny and injustice.

NEWS: The table shifts!

Source: Independent News Services

Date: 1st September 3077

(1st November 2007)

Using sleight of hand, Colonel Steele managed to use his removal from command to cover a personnel shift right before launching a counter-offensive in mid-September. Using the full weight of the Restless Souls regiment, the Colonel's plan resulted in an exchange of fire between the Word forces and the Bris contingent. In the confusion, a small attack element penetrated the Bris lines and detonated the spoiling charges located on the planetary HPG. Enraged, Senior Adept Torrent continued his personal attack on the Colonel, losing his life in the process. Blakist troops, already hard-pressed by an assault on their spaceport base, now have to choose between fighting for a planet now worthless to their plans, or trying to escape the system through a Federated Suns blockade.

NEWS: New players to the table!

Source: Palmyra News Services

Date: 15th August 3077

(20th September 2007)

Taking advantage of the death of General Andrew Grundy and the resulting power struggles within the Palmyra forces' ranks, the Word has launched a two-pronged offensive. Driven back during their attack on the Brightwater Control Facility, the Blakists have managed to capture the main planetary spaceport using their dropships in support. The enemy's success opened up an opportunity for Bykov Lebovics to shift the situation in his favor, and he has managed to use clouded legal issues and questionable battlefield behavior to temporarily force the removal of Colonel Steele from command of the Restless Souls.

Souls continue their tour on Palmyra!

Source: Restless Souls Command

Date: 1st August 3077

(1st September 2007)

With Word of Blake forces having made landfall, the Restless Souls garrison has found themselves in near-constant action, either fighting the Blakists themselves, or rogue mercenary forces serving their own interests and the unknown designs of other parties. Meanwhile, the PalPet's military contingent, ostentatiously allied with the Souls, has begun machinations to ratchet up the pressure on the garrison, even going so far as to reclaim Hilder's Hell proper. All this has come in conjunction with the death of AFFS General Andrew Grundy in a "trial" versus the Word force, at least guaranteeing that the forces involved won't escalate any further.

NEWS: Souls are still on Palmyra!?

Contract: FS-OR-02-01

No word has come yet as to why the Restless Souls are still stationed on Palmyra. A source in the Federated Suns Government tells us that the Souls have received yet another contract, but other details are hard to find. We will return with more after the Command Staff of the Mercenary unit releases more information or we find it ourselves.

News: No news!

Contract: No Contract!

We currently have no past news to list since we just switched to our new site! New contracts await us and so the present will become the past and will end up here!

NEWS: New Restless Souls Site Comes Online!

Date: 25th of September 2007

Well, what can i say? After some long hours of work and many wasted nights learning stuff that i didn't know or i needed in order to do this and with some guiding advice from Colonel Steele i have pulled this off and offered us a brand new site. Enjoy it and any suggestions are welcomed. You know how to contact me!

Signing off Galaxy Captain Anakin!