Joined the unit on 1st January 3077
Jack Simme
Jumping Jack - JJ
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Date of Birth :
February 7th, 3023
Drag Racing
Place of Birth
Lyran Alliance
New Earth
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Pillager PLG-3Z
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Jack was born on the world of New Earth in the Lyran Alliance, at St. Mercy Hospital. With the formation of the Federated Commonwealth in 3028, his parents moved into the Federated Suns side of the commonwealth to pursue better economic gains. After much debate they decided to settle on the planet of Skat, near the Draconis Combine border. His older brother and sister where against the move, but they had little choice in the matter. In late December of 3029 they landed on skat to begin their new life.

Within years his families business was flourishing, his brother and sister was immersed in the family business chasing down the big contracts. Jack was expected to join the family business, but he had his sights set on a racing career. In jacks younger teen years he became the black sheep, by getting involved in drag racing legal and non-legal. Another trait that labeled him as the black sheep was that he embarrassed his new found Federated Suns heritage and ignoring his Lyran Commonwealth heritage.

At the age of fourteen he started turning wrenches on an old car, turning it into a very quick hot rod. When he got his drivers license at fifteen he would sneak out of the house late at night and illegally race his hot rod, quickly he became known on a first name basis by the local cops. Just after his sixteenth birthday he was involved in a high speed chase that nearly ended his life; because of his family prominent status the courts gave him two choices attend military school or go to jail. He chose to attend military school, after he left for school his family chose to abandon him. Happy to pay the tuition fees than to have him spoil the family's good name.

It turned out that the school was one of the best things for him; through punishments and a tough hand the instructors quelled his rebellious attitude. When he graduated to the military academy he managed to keep his grades average, while he excelled in the military training. During his time at the academy he made a few acquaintances among the command corps, as well as several students.

After he finished with his academy training he was assigned to a unit with a strong davion lineage. During his first few months with his unit he earned the call sign jumping jack, which he later shortened to JJ, for his affinity for jump jet equipped mechs. His unit was assigned to the world of Kasai IV, waiting for a combine assault that never happened. After two uneventful years of serving in the federated commonwealth military he joined ComStar in search of action that never happened with the FC military.

During his service with ComStar he accelerated through the training and ranks, earning the rank of Demi-Precentor. He was assigned to the defense of terra; his protests about the dwindling military presence on terra fell on deaf ears. Despite the dwindling military force he tried to make the best of it, drilling and training his soldiers for what ever may come. Some of the other officers thought he was being too harsh, but that all changed when a Word of Blake force struck terra. He fought to defend humanities birth place with everything at his disposal, but it was not enough and the few survivors of the beaten and battered ComStar force was forced to abandon the planet. While he was defending the few remaining dropships his mech was beaten and battered, before his automatic eject system had enabled he was mortally wounded. His comrades thinking that their officer had been killed left him and abandoned the world.

When the Word of Blake found his unconscious body he was near death, because of his rank he was hospitalized and managed to recuperate. When he was discharged from the hospital he was entrusted into the hands of ROM agents to see what secrets could be obtained from him. Days, nights, and years melded into one as his captors tried to obtain what information that they could from him. Jason tried to resist when he could but the drugs and tactics they used made resisting hard. Three years had passed before the ROM agents had decided that they had obtained all of the information that they could from him.

Jason was released from a would deep within the Free Worlds League, from there he made his way back to his family hoping that he would be welcome. When he landed on the world of Skat his parents where at the spaceport, on the ride home his parents filled him in on the details while he was away. His sister had been suffering from pancreatic cancer and his older brother suffered massive brain damage from a horrible traffic accident months before Jason came home. The good new was that he had been decorated for his heroism during the defense of terra, among the medals that he received was the Distinguished Cross and the Purple Heart.

Upon learning that Jason was alive instead of killed in action they had given him an honorable discharge, fearful the Word of Blake ROM agents had turned him into one of them. After returning home Jason worked in the family business, pushing papers and doing mediocre tasks. After four years of pushing papers the call of the cockpit of a battlemech was too much to ignore. Despite his parents protests he sought out a mercenary unit that would accept him into their


Jack is a big introvert, preferring to keep to himself until he gets to know the people around him. He like to keep his past behind him and not bring it up around other people, expecially his stay with the Word of Blake ROM agents. To blow off steam or to relax he likes to paint or go for a ride on his modified motor bike. Nightmares are a constant problem for him, along with a mild form of depression.