Guns, guns, guns ... my life would be so boring without them
It has been said of the Restless Souls that the unit has been fortunate with it's hardware's level of technology. While this advantage is drawn as much from it's three encounters with Clan Jade Falcon and its judicious use of its resources, the Regiment has more than just Clan Tech combat machines - every Soul is well provided-for.


RSMR General Personnel

Nakjama Laser Pistol/Sea Eagle Needler Pistol

Magna Laser Rifle

Military Communications Headset
Environment Suit
Filter Mask and Respirator
Medical Aid Kit
Personal Noteputer
DMM-Issue Credentials
Military Power Pack (Capacity 200)
Noteputer Battery x2 (300 Hours)


Specialized Equipment
MechWarrior Combat Suit
MCS Neurohelmet
Advanced Field Kit
Engineer's Portable Console
Engineering Suit with Helmet
Field Surgical Kit and Medical Supply Assortment
Grapple Rod
Issue Armament
Issue Body Armor
Issue Explosives
Laser Torch
Night / Vision Enhancement Equipment
Surveillance Equipment
Repair Kit (by specialty)
Technical Noteputer
Military High-Capacity Power Pack (Capacity 300)
Tool Kit - Basic and Deluxe (by specialty)

Just what is all of this lovely gear?
MechWarrior Combat Suit
The MechWarrior Combat Suit (MCS) provides cooling and armor protection. First developed for the personal guards of House Kurita, the multifunction, full-body MCS is available throughout the Inner Sphere. The MCS operates like a cooling suit, providing a wearer with a powerful integral cooling system to combat the high temperatures inside a 'Mechs cockpit. The suit is woven from a strong, heat resistant polymer fabric that also protects the wearer from shrapnel and small arms fire. A rigid vest fits over the chestand further protects the wearer.

MCS Neurohelmet
Issued to all Aerofighter pilots and MechWarriors in the RSMB, The MCS helmet covers the MechWarriors entire head and includes a sealed faceplate. It provides a neurolink between the wearer and the 'Mech. The helmet features a pressurized sealable faceplate with a one hour emergency air supply, and a military microcommunicator. As with the Communication Headset, Senior Master Chief Technician Trotter and his technical crew have configured all of the RSMR Aerofighters and 'Mechs to receive and repeat signals from these helmets.

Advanced Field Kit
In every RSMR combat vehicle, ready to be ejected with the pilot from a stricken machine, is a 15 kg rucksack filled with materials to assist a single individual survive several weeks in a hostile environment. Some of the items include: four signal flares, a compact sleeping bag with inflatable mattress, canteen of water, butane lighter, survival knife, emergency ration tablets, thermal blankets, miniature stove, solar lantern, all package in a single rucksack.

Military Communications Headset
A useful head-mounted earpiece and microphone device, the Communications Headset is a standard comm unit with an effective range of 10K and can be used as a hand-held. This personal communicator is issued to just about every soldier and officer in the Restless Souls. It is capable of transmitting a scrambled signal on a multitude of frequencies.

Engineer's Portable Console
The Console is a book sized, 4 kg advanced computer system allows technical personnel to override control panels that are damaged, have lost power, or have been overridden from a remote loctation. With this device, an engineer can have total control over any local shipboard system. They are availble to trained personnel with authorization from the Chief Engineer, the Chief Technical Officer, or any of the Senior Techs. The Falcon's Nest maintains five of these advanced systems.

Engineering Suit with Helmet
A more rugged version of the standard Space Suit, the Engineering Suit trades away endurance for improved protection and electronics. The independent life support system of the Engineering Suit for 'only' 36 hours of continuous operation, but the flip-down sun visor also includes the services of rangefinder and nightvision optics. The helmet contains a civilian communicator (10 km, LOS), and an intercomm-link.

Field Surgical Kit and Medical Supply Assortment
This 2.4 kg satchel contains the tools, supplies, and drugs necessary to conduct field-expedient surgery. Sadly, with the efficiency of modern weaponry, there is little call for the use of these kits.

Grapnel Rod
Standard issue for the Anti-'Mech Infantry Contingent by order of Lieutenant (JG) Corey Solo, the Grapple Rod is most commonly seen used by Anti-Mech trained infantry troops. The tool is an innocuous-appearing meter-long rod with a button on one end and a stirrup on the other. When the trigger is depressed, however, a compact grapnel fires out along a twenty-meter long cable. The device is used by placing a foot in the stirrup and pressing the button. The internal winch then propels the user towards the anchored grapnel. Fortunately for opposing BattleMechs, his standard 3 kg model is only capable of supporting 150 kg, and not any of the Restless Souls Elementals, Battle Armor, nor Power Armor Suits.

Medical Aid Kit
A small (1.5 kg) satchel containing most of the emergency medical care a merc is likely to be able to receive, the medical aid kit contains an assortment of first aid supplies - bandages, pads, compresses, and gauze in various sizes and configurations, medical tape, a pair of tweezers, a needle, a razor blade, alcohol swabs, safety pins, salt tablets, water gel (for burns), four 300ml bottles of saline solution, petroleum jelly, antiseptic cream, a tube of analgesic gel, and like supplies.

A small, thin (325g) box contoured to fit sngly against the thigh of the wearer, the Medipack is an advanced device that uses a number of diagnostic sensors to monitor it's wearer's health. When the wearer is wounded (or sleepy, or bored...) the Medipack uses an autoinjector and a battery of drugs to keep its' wearer alive, alert and combat ready. A similar device is integral to the Coolant Suit, above, but all RSMR combat personnel are issued one, with or without the suit. The advanced units used by RSMR have a 48 hour internal power supply (for use when not in a BattleMech, AeroFighter, or Battle Armor), and can dispense up to 24 doses of medication.

Personal Noteputer
Though not used specifically to repair a damage piece of machinery, the ubiquitous noteputer is every bit as useful as spanners and saws. Soul's members can use this to reference electronic books, compose letters, send and receive data messages (if connected to a communications device), play games or even play musi- and vid-chips. Measuring 15cm square, it can be folded and stored in pockets, and have the capability to read from and write to standard data chips.

DMM-Issue Credentials
Arguably one of the most important items the Regiment issues, this 8 x 13 cm, 45g laminated card (which may be placed in a wallet or worn on the breast as a badge) bears a picture of the mercenary and identifies him or her, displaying rank, position within the Regiment (and therefore the SLDF), and vital statistics. A datachip is embedded in the back of the card, containing another copy of the material printed on the card, the mercenaries' MERCNET resume, medical history, and pertinent biometric information.

Space Suit
A flexible (12 kg) full-body suit that protects the wearer from the vaccuum conditions of space. The suit is equipped with a small thruster pack for limited maneverability in low-garavity environments. The Suit can maintain life support for 48 hours of continuous use, is self-sealing, has a flip-down sun visor, and includes a military communicator (10 km range).


RSMR General Personnel
Arms and armor are, under standard conditions, kept under lock and key. The following items are considered standard issue for RSMR personnel, and are available upon request:

Body Armor
In addition to the McCray's Combat Training, Exoskeletons used in the exercise spaces available to Regiment personnel, body armor is maintained by the Regiment for field or emergency use. All Restless Soul's DropShips issues a full suit of SecureTech Ablative/Flak Armor (Undersuit, Vest, Pants, Overjacket, and Helmet, weighing 24.7 kg) to all of its security personnel as well as four Ab/Flak jumpsuits (9.8 kg) in each weapons locker. The Restless Souls compound at the SLDF DMM Mercenary Ward has a more expansive selection, available to Regiment personnel upon request.

Nakjama Laser Pistol
This standard side-arm for the Restless Souls Mercenary Regiment Ground Contigent is a Nakjama Laser Pistol while it's space faring counterpart is the rare Sea Eagle Needler Pistol. The Nakjama Laser Pistol fires a highly-focused beam offering excellent range and armor penetration as well as incredible energy-efficiency. This weapon, favored in the Draconis Combine, is very accurate but the narrow beam causes less tissue disruption than other laser pistols.

Sea Eagle Needler Pistol
Irian PersArms' sole entry into the needler weapons market is light and well balanced, allowing it to be used one-handed unlike many other needler "pistols", though a secondary grip under the barrel allows it to be fired two-handed as well. Unfortunately, the lightweight design limits the size of the ammo blocks used by the Sea Eagle and thus the number of shots availble to the wielder. Indeed, at its maximum rate of fire the Sea Eagle can fire two bursts though the speed of fire and excellent balance of the weapon mean that its recoil effects are less than comparable weapons.

Magna Laser Rifle
Similiar in many ways to the Nova Laser pistol, the Magna Laser Rifle also fires a wider, dispersed beam that results in greater tissue dispersion at the expense of reduced range and armor penetration. Unike the Nova, the Magna's larger size allows the inclusion of additional capacitors and an enlarged charging chamber, which makes the weapon no less efficient than other laser rifles. The Restless Soul's FlagShip, the Falcon's Nest, maintains an armory of these weapons for its security personnel, as well as a dozen with two HC Military Power Packs per rifle in each DropShip's weapons locker.

Militech Stun Gloves
This 200g pair of nyrex gloves include 'mini-stunstick' technology, adding non-lethal weight to any blow. When fully charged by one of the Regiment's Military Power Packs, the gloves remain charged for three hundred rounds of combat or five minutes of continuous opetation. The gloves insulate the wearer against thier own effects, and are activated and deavtivated by curling the hand tightly into a fist.

V-42 Combat Knife
32 cm and 200g of finely-smithed S30-V steel, the V-42 will not run out of ammunition, jam, or overheat. Each is issued with a sheath. The Restless Soul's FlagShip has at least one of these knives in every weapons locker, though it is rumored that the galley locker is overstocked.

The Restless Souls maintain a small stock of explosive devices for field and emergency use. Authorization is always required for the use of these dangerous and destructive devices, and they are rarely released from the Armory save for immediate field use.

The most common types used by the RSMR are smoke grenades (400g, of various colors and scents) and plastic-braided PETN (Penta Erythritol Tetra Nitrate) detonating cord. Both are employed for a variety of tasks.

HE Grenades
in the form of High Explosive (Offensive) (600g) and High Explosive (Defensive) (450g) are occasionally issued to combat troops. Defensive Grenades have half the blast radius (6m) of the Offensive (12m) model, and are therefore slightly safer for personnel in confined spaces.

C8 Blasting Blocks, Demolition Kits, Pentaglycerine Satchel Charges, etc.
Are not normally stocked in the RSMR armory, but may be requisitioned by trained personnel. In the Restless Soul's case 'Trained Personnel' would be limited to members of the Gremlins or what is commonly known as their Black Ops Team.

Det Cord
Is a line of plastic-braided PETN, and is manufactured in several different core loads. Cord color and diameter determine explosive power. The det cord used by the RSMR ranges in seven varieties from Red (Level One; 3.5mm dia; 3.6g/m) cord to Violet (Level Seven; 19.5mm dia; 160g/m) cord. Each meter of det cord weighs 50g per level. It is usually distributed in 10m coils.

All Regiment-issued armaments are provided with maintenance/repair kits. Personal weaponry is the responsibility of its owner, and must be cleared through the Chief Technical Officer and logged with Regiment administration.