The RPG is played through an online Message Board. The URL for the board is: MERC-NET make sure you apply to the OCC email list as well. OCC List

Before playing

  • You will need to Create a login on MERC-NET under your call sign or under your character's name. Then after creating an ID you'll have to go to "General", "Star League Department of Mercenary Management", "Mercenary Unit Affliation Request", and post there what your Unit Affliation is and then you will be granted access to see the RESTLESS SOULS Forums.

  • AFTER you have completed this process - Because you will not have access to view anything in the Restless Souls Forums until you've been approved and granted access - please read some of the Back Posts. This should give you an idea of the general storyline. Not only will this give you an up-to-date idea of what is going on, but will give an idea of the style of posting and the current characters playing.

  • The following are guidelines set forth by the Department of Mercenary Management (DMM). Straight from the General's desk. You MUST know these. There will be a test!


It is advised that Merc Unit Commanding Officers follow and promote these simple guidelines:

  1. Try to keep good grammar for posting quality

  2. Do not contradict a superior officer


  4. Keep the posting numbers accurate! (It helps the Comstar Overseer during performance review)

  5. Set the Scene with every post for "In Character" clarity

  6. All non-storyline posts are to be in the OCC thread

  7. Try to make every post over 200 words or the unit doesn't receive bounty

  8. Leave a tag signature with every post. For Example:

Alexi "Gunslinger" Koskov
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Strike "Red Clever" Lance - CO
Marikov's Hussars Merc Unit

During Play

  1. All of the action is carried out on MERC-NET. This system allows you to post a new message, or to reply to an existing one: use your discretion over which you should do, though if you are replying, when on a mission the Header line should always contain the contract and post number. ie: Subject:

    FW-CD-08-01:#59 Barracks

    OR when not on a mission a simple subject will do, ie:

    Training Camp

  2. The 'Header' in the body of the post must display the location and scene. ie.

    FW-CD-08-01 #59: Mika's Introduction

    Federated Suns
    New Avalon
    Fort Trenton
    Playing field
    June 17th, 1:45pm

    As a general rule of thumb, exchanges of conversation are posted in 5 minute increments. Travel on world from location to location, 45 minute increments. Feel free to adjust the time increments according to how much is said or how far you have traveled. During combat due to the shorter rounds of play, posts are in 1 minute increments. We post in military time 12:00 is twelve o'clock noon people. 00:00 is twelve o'clock at night. A simply rule to calculate evening times is to select whatever time you want and add 12. For example: 7pm translates into 19:00. 11pm = 23:00, and so on. Start significant threads only on things you really want to write about. Downtime threads are usually prudent between contracts and during jumpship/Dropship travel.

  3. DO NOT commandeer another Player's Character and have him/her involved in actions or conversations without the author's permission. A simple nod or a one word reply is one thing but if you have another player's character asking or answering complexed questions or have them involved in a fight those will be circumstances that will warrant an OCC reprimand.

  4. Try not to use vast amounts of previous posts copied into your messages: try and 'continue the story' and maintain the flow of the narrative. When you do need to use quotes from previous post PLEASE italicize them.

  5. BE WARNED! That before deploying military hardware one must seek permission through the proper channels, PERIOD. The proper channels included four of us who are usually online at any given time. Me - the Colonel, the XO - Anakin, BattleMech Division CO - Dawg, BattleMech Division XO - Valencia, or the Cheetah Lance CO - Tatiana Donatella.

  6. If you wish to take actions that you wish to remain secret, then feel free to PM the GM, who will reply, letting you know the results of your actions, and will post (or I will ask you to post) what the others may see or find out. For instance, should it become neccessary to plant surviellence equipment to monitor a lance mate, PM the GM and he will determine the success or lack of success of your operation.

  7. If you wish to take an action other than interaction with an insignificant NPC please state clearly what you wish to do. BattleMech Combat will be conducted via MegaMek. You will be required to anwser a series of questions to personalize your play during MegaMek. The Questions are located HERE. Please note that you need to be a member of the Restless Souls group in order to see them. If you want to see them before joining up with us please forward an e-mail to the CO or XO of the unit.

  8. Sometimes, if there is likely to a large amount of action that needs dealing with quickly, especially if it only concerns one or two people, the game can be taken to anyone of the chat vehicles ie. AIM, MSN, Yahoo. The action will be played through and the results then posted to the Restless Souls Forum and/or email can also be used for secret actions.

  9. Please DO NOT mix OOC queries with in IC posts.
    Separate them. For OCC statements concerning the game, use the OCC Game Forum. For OCC statements that do not have any Game Play merit, use the OCC NON-Game related Forum. If privacy is needed feel free to the PM the GM instead. If you do submit game OOC comments/queries to the Game Forum, then they will be deleted.

  10. All Players are encouraged to use email or chat sessions between themselves.

  11. Please don't use, abuse, or spam on in the Game Forum or OCC Forum. Play in character by all means, but please don't use the board as an outlet to abuse the players.

    Please feel free to embellish with solitary sentries and civilians.

  13. Infractions to any of the above mention Guidelines can result in discplinary action ranging from a 'verbal' warning via PM, a second 'written' warning distributed to the OCC database, and a third warning which will result in a ban from the Restless Souls. Not all warnings will follow this sequence. Some infractions will began as your third warning and result in a ban.