Joined the unit on 1st January 3077
Miho Watase
Eye Colour :
Ash Grey
Hair Colour :
Date of Birth :
Draconis Standard, Japanese, Cantonese
Games, Toys, Sex, Candy
Place of Birth
Draconis Combine
Ajaa Moon
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Raven RVN-4L
Miho's Photo


Born on the breeding moon of Ajaa, Miho was born into life-service her genetic template molded from before birth to produce the ideal consort and companion to be sold to any number of buyers throughout known space. The story that was Miho's life seemingly already written before it had even began ... or would have been if events had not taken a different course.

It was not long into Miho 14th year that a military expedition from the Draconis Combine uncovered a cash of old empire technologies and a dozen Mech's of the likes never seen. Not even a day had passed before The Draconis System Lord arrived with a sizable force to oversee the recovery and security of this latest discovery, and then not even a week after that so too did privateer force bent on recovering the technology for themselves.

Paradise became a hell almost overnight as the Draconis Forces dug in defending against the unknown enemy the storm of battle laying waste to the major population centers in a matter of hours. It was soon all to clear that the battle was going to be a prolonged one and Miho along with countless others were drafted into the service of the Draconis Forces as "Pillow Girls" for the defending forces. It was then that the fates smiled upon her and she was chosen as a bedmate for one of the Combine's Ace-Pilot Kyle Wynn. "Pilot-Wynn" as he preferred to be called, was an odd sort and when enjoying her affections, was more often then not playing his "Games" and she being his companion was expected to play as well and thus often even during the long hours with her Pilot away, Miho was left to play the "Games" for countless the hours until his return. His standing instruction, always that she should get better so that she could be more fun to play with .... perhaps an odd request but one she took to heart.

The "Games" in this case were not merely entertainment Combat Simulators, but rather and Tactical Performance and Skill Enhancement Training tools newly introduced to the Draconis forces intended to help grade and track Mech pilots skill level as they improved and progressed. It wasn't long infact before Miho had logged an impressive amount of Sim time simply in an effort to amusing herself while awaiting her Pilot's return. It wasn't until 3 months after being introduced the "Games" that "Pilot Wynn" by chance noticed that her own Mech piloting skill level were ranked higher then his own.

What happened next was at best a blur with "Pilot Wynn" deciding that leaving her in his chambers was a waste of talent and dressing her in one of his uniforms and dragging her from one training session to the next day after day until she knew as much as he did about mech's both in and outside the 'Game'. Not a month more would pass before Miho was cleared as a Mech pilot and followed 'Pilot Wynn' into combat as his wingman.

Years passed far to quickly it seemed after that for no sooner was one conflict over then it was replaced by another, and Miho found herself following her Pilot to some distant world and fighting yet another enemy in the service of the Draconis Combine. Miho even adopted the family name of Watase as her own as she loyally followed "Her Pilot" from one battlefield to the next serving on his wing for over 8 years in a count of no less then 32 military actions before 'Pilot Wynn' meet his equal in battle and was lost on the shores of a blue-green sea.

Dark times followed after "Her Pilots" death, Seemingly no longer wanted nor infact needed 'Her Pilots' field commander took the liberty of selling her life-contract to a well to do merchant who all but swore she would never see the battlefield again as if it was some great favor to cut the wings from a butterfly.

It was not 6 weeks later that Miho escaped her keepers, finding refuge on a Merc-vessel bound for the Outer Rim trading skills for a place to sleep even if it was more often then not in someone else's bed. This arrangement lasting only long enough for Miho to make the next port and signed on as a Merc-pilot and Tactical Simulations Trainer aboard a Heavy Privateer the HMS Gavion.

Just turning 23, Miho bounced from one rank and file merc company to the next serving any number of rolls on and off the field until she joined up with a banner called ' Red-Charlie-7' and found her calling as it were piloting a heavy modified Locust she nick-named ' Bunny ' For the next 3 years Miho served as ' Red-Charlie-7' Advance Scout and Electronics' countermeasure support of the 8 Mech team, a system that worked well enough until the teams 3rd year when just before a High paying contract mission Miho's mech suffered a total systems failure and was forced into dry-dock for an overhaul leaving her to watch from the sidelines as the drop ship went planet side without her.

It was not even a hour later that the Team on the ground walked into an ambush, and not 4 minutes after that all 8 Medium and 2 Light Mech were confirmed destroyed on the ground.

Reaching port a week later the wait remained of Red-Charlie-7 sold off what remained of its assets and went there separate ways, Miho forced to abandon her Locust taking what credits she could to pay for her passage into the core systems in hopes of finding work there


Miho has two faces - One for her work and one for her private life. Privately Miho is fairly soft spoken almost childish in her whims and wants and oddly shy around friends and close companions taking great pains to ensure she is well received. She enjoys intimate company most of all even if it goes so far as to be abusive so long as the illusion of friendship remains intact. As a rule she almost never speaks out of turn or with the intention of drawing more attention to herself then need be on any matter.

This said in combat Miho is seemingly a wholly other being, and is well known in some circles for her cold-blooded and ruthlessness nature in the field. Her tactic's are infact fairly simple and strait forward and pretty smart if one thinks about it. Often tasked to pilot a smaller supporting Mech (Often a heavily modified Locust with a Electronic Countermeasure Package and linked chain-gun and laze-systems) Miho simply by-passes the main battle leaving heavier Mech's to be picked apart by the main battle as she targets the enemies support system taking out light armor, vehicles and ground troops. Miho is also not above taking out ejection pods and downed Heavy Mech's as a pilot that lives today is the SOB you have to deal with tomorrow.