Joined the unit on 1st July 3078
Point Commander
Nathanial Davis
Play Boy
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Date of Birth :
English, Japanese, German, French
Humanitarian Efforts, Reconnaissance, Military Tactics and History, Economics
Place of Birth
Federated Commonwealth
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Banshee BNC-5S
Nate's Photo


Nathanial Davis is an interesting dichotomy of a man. His twice-great grandfather married into a direct descending line of the Sandoval family and his great grandfather capitalized greatly upon the available resources. Cleveland Davis used his family status to acquire much wealth and eventually a minor title of his own. That, in turn, passed to Nathaniel’s father, Jonathan. It is said that Jonathan Davis has been the shrewdest businessman of the three and, as proof, he has since built one of the largest import/export empires in the Draconis March.

Being the son of a minor Federated Suns royal meant Nathaniel was sent to the best schools, as well as served within the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Following his four years at the Albion Military Academy on New Avalon, he served one term with various posts although the most significant of which came with the Avalon Hussars. While seeing some fighting during his years within the AFFS, it became apparent that he was always kept away from the most dangerous situations. This frustrated Nathaniel to no end as well as alienated him from those less privileged within the Hussars.

Following his term, Nathaniel was bid return to his home planet and serve as General Manager of Research and Development for his father’s company. After all, some day it would be his. But the life of endless board meetings and the endless meetings to discuss what would be discussed at board meetings left Nathaniel numb. Instead, he filled his time by embracing the night life and becoming well known around the party circuit. He will not confirm nor deny but rumors persist that he was one time caught in a compromising situation with the niece of a prominent Davion. He became one of the tabloids’ favored sons as they chronicled his near every move. It was the life every man dreams of and yet Nathaniel always seemed to feel something was missing, though he could never quite put a finger on it. So he would surround himself with buxom women and more booze, making the nagging feeling disappear, albeit artificially.

That was, until pirates invaded.

With such ferocity uncommon among pirates, war raged all around the region. Nathanial knew his family had the resources to help. They could use those resources to funnel into militias on neighboring planets as well as to build a defending force for their own. But, no, Nathanial’s father was an arrogant man who assumed their money could buy them protection even from these rogues. It had, after all, kept them protected from Combine forces even in the heart of the Draconis March. Nathanial was unconvinced and tried one last time to convince his father to use their resources for the betterment of the nation, if not the Inner Sphere to no avail.

And it was then that he realized what was missing in his life; a purpose greater than life itself. Even as his father took steps to block his attempts, Nathanial set out to rejoin the military life. Knowing he would never be accepted back into the AFFS due to Jonathon’s influences, he set his sites on mercenaries.


Nathanial has all the charisma and charm you would expect a multi-billionaire socialite with royal blood ties to possess. However, he also has a humble sense of nobility owing to the fact he has never felt the money or title ‘made’ him. For proof, one need look no further than Nathanial literally giving it all up to rejoin the ranks of fighting men and women.

Since he attended the best private schools and military academy money could provide, Nathanial does have a fairly good grasp of discipline. However, also a result of his privileged upbringing, he can be a bit of a cavalier. Some would even say he has a bit of an immortality complex. When it comes to saving civilian lives he has been known to put his own at unnecessary risk.

Consequently, because of his more recent past, Nathanial has found himself brooding. Perhaps he is working over in his mind all that he has left behind, or perhaps he is contemplating what unknown future lies before him. Likely it’s somewhere in the middle and he will only come to understand it as his story continues to unfold.