At the end of my salary, I always have a lot of month left...
The system for characters drawing salary in the Restless Souls Mercenary Regiment simulation is based upon a system created by the Colonel. For all combat personnel you take their CBT piloting and gunnery skills and add them together to determine what their Troop Quality is from Elite to Green to determine their Base Monthly Salary. By combat personnel I am referring to Tankers, Aerospace Pilots, and of course the MechWarriors. For all other members (NPCs) you would use two of their most relevant skills. For example for a JumpShip Pilot you could use Piloting and Navigation or Piloting and Computers to determine thier BMS. For an Infantryman you could perhaps use Gunnery and Artillery or Gunnery and Jump Packs. For a BattleMech Technician you could use Technician and Electronics or Technician and Mechanic to arrive at the character's base monthly salary. After you've determined what your character's Base Monthly Salary will be you then get to add in your Rank Bonus. The tables you will need to commit to this arcane formulary are found below. Your MUCO cheats and uses Microsoft's Excel.

Troop Quality Base Monthly Salary
Able-Bodied $1,000
Green $1,500
Regular $2,000
Veteran $3,000
Elite $5,000

Rank Bonus
Enlisted Ranks
Recruit, AsTech, or Cadet $0
Crewman, MidShipmen, Private, Petty Officer, Warrant Officer, or Tech-4 $100
MidShipman 1st Class, Petty Officer 1st Class, Warrant Officer 1st Class, Private 1st Class $150
Corporal, Point Commander, or Tech-3 $250
Senior Petty Officer, Senior Warrant Officer, Senior Corporal, or Tech-2 $300
Sergeant or Technician $500
Staff Sergeant $550
Talon Sergeant or Senior Technician $700
Chief Petty Officer, Chief Warrant Officer, Master Sergeant, or Chief Technician $800
Sergeant Major or Ensign $900
Senior Chief Petty Officer, Senior Sergeant Major, Senior Chief Warrant Officer, or Senior Chief Technician $1,000
Officer Ranks
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) or Star Commander $1,500
Lieutenant (Senior Grade) $1,800
Captain or Star Captain $2,500
Major or Nova Captain $3,500
Lieutenant Colonel or Galaxy Captain $5,000
Colonel $10,000