Joined the unit on 1st April 3080
Nova Captain
Thomas Wirth
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Shaved Head
183 cm
91 kg
Date of Birth :
American with Clan slang
Training, music(jazz, classical), reading, history
Place of Birth
Draconis Combine
Turtle Bay
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Hauptmann HA1-O
Thomas's Photo


Archer was born to Thomas and Maria Archer. The family wasn't native to the Draconis Combine, but to the Lyran Commonwealth. They immigrated to Turtle Bay in 3035, because Thomas was an ore miner, while Maria was an artist. Maria loved the sites of Turtle Bay's rings at night, and study greatly at the schools on the planet. When Jack came in 3040, they were overjoyed.

Growing up Jack took to the Aerospace, Battlemechs and bottlenecks on Holo-vids, like any kid would in this time. At age 10, the event that would change his life forever came, in the form of Clan Smoke Jaguar. The Jaguars destroyed any military that tried to stand against them, but it was when a resistance was started by the local Yakuza Clan, the capital city of Edo, was completely destroyed by orbital bombardment from the Jaguars Warships in space. Jack was up with his father, and watched as the city where he lived and grew up was destroyed. He lost his mother that day, and he would never forget. He later lost his father, when the Jaguars, sent Elemental warriors to take control of the orbiting industry complexes. Now an orphan, he was put into the reeducation camps.

When he was 15, he got into a fight with a sibko of the Osis Bloodline. Not knowing what he was doing he fought with the sibko and won. He broke the neck of the sibko, but suffered a broken leg, as well, as six broken ribs and he was taken to a local hospital. The camp’s commander, a Star Captain Slade Osis read a report on the fight, and was puzzled for a second, in what this freebirth boy had done. He had Jack thrown into their Freeborn Sibko Training; he followed the reports as Archer stood against almost every trial he faced.

When it came time for his Trial of Position for rank and place, Archer was given a captured Panther, armed with a PPC and SRM-4. He would be facing MechWarrior James Osis in a Cougar Prime, Point Commander Katherine Showers in Nova Prime and Star Commander Markus Moon in Vulture Prime. It would be observed by Star Captain Slade Osis.

The trial began with Archer vs. James Osis, the battle took place in a desert and as the daylight broke, the first shots were fired. Archer fired his PPC from long range, missing and Osis returned fire with his Large Pulse Lasers hitting the Panther’s center torso stripping armor away, as the other laser shot destroyed the outer armor of the left torso armor. Archer shook it off and moved into some light woods and firing his PPC and SRM, and misses the clan Mech by a few feet. Osis just grinned and moved not wasting his time firing into trees. Archer fires again, as does Osis, and finally the PPC hits doing moderate damage. Osis on the other hands hits hard, with laser and missiles stripping the center torso and doing some moderate internal damage, causing Archer to fight the controls of the Panther to keep it upright. Backing up his Mech into heavier woods to hide and rethink his action, as Osis stay out at long range. Archer looks down at his armor, knowing he can’t go toe to toe with this clanner. Finally some luck for Archer as he fires the PPC and SRM as both hit, doing some severe damage, but Osis is still standing. The Cougar returns fire with authority sending laser and missile fire into the Panther’s armor, destroying his SRM-4 launcher, causing the ammo to exploded doing catastrophic damage to the Panther, activating the auto ejection system. Suddenly rockets exploded under Archer, sending him sky high, as the cockpit shatters from the ejection pod with the Panther exploded underneath leaving nothing but a hole. Minutes later, the trial is stopped by Star Captain Osis, as rescue teams of the labor caste go to Archer’s aid. By the time they get there Archer was standing up with a very pissed look in his face. Hours later, Archer and James Osis were standing in front of Star Captain Osis with the results of the trial.

“Star Captain I wish to continue my training so I can become stronger and honor myself and the Clan?” “Then, Jack Archer your training will be harder so are you ready freebirth?” “Aff, Star Captain!”

It was in late 3051 when Archer joined the Jaguar Forces, under Star Captain Osis command to attack Luthien the capital of the Draconis Combine. During the battle Osis’s troops, two binaries attacked a Mech storage complex and found two very rare Phoenix Hawk LAMs. They were transferred to another Cluster on the planet. At the end of the Battle of Luthien, Clan Smoke Jaguar pulled back to recoup its losses, but time wasn’t on the Jaguar’s side.

At the Battle of Tukayyid, promoted Star Colonel Slade Osis forces had been moved into Alpha Galaxy, the 6th Jaguar Dragoons. Being lead by Khan Lincoln Osis, who knew that his forces would crush the Com Guard forces into the ground, but this was not so. Warned by Star Colonels it was suicide to fight the Com Guards in that neural pass, but Lincoln Osis didn’t not listen to there advice. The Alpha and Beta Galaxies met the Com Guards and mercenary head on. In the end, Beta Galaxy was a ghost of itself and half of Alpha Galaxy was fighting a running retreat off planet.

With the battle of Tukayyid behind the Smoke Jaguars, they were now fighting for their survival from other Clans and Inner Sphere forces. Between the years 3059-3061, the Jaguars were pretty much destroyed, and Star Colonel Slade Osis, MechWarrior Jack Archer, and the rest of the 6th Jaguar Dragoons had lost a Trial of Position to Clan Wolf-in-Exile, became part of their forces.

In 3062, when the FedCom Civil War broke out, the Wolves had to face a new assault from Clan Jade Falcon. Star Colonel Osis lead a Cluster against Falcon forces on the planet Gotterdammerung, but to no avail. He was killed in the retreat of the Wolves forces off planet, leaving Archer in charge of his forces. When Archer returned to Arc-Royal, he was given the rank of Star Captain and the command of a Binary of Mechs. He was also given the honor of fighting for his own Bloodname, and he chose the name Wirth, which wasn’t a Clan Wolf Bloodname, but a Smoke Jaguar name. They had gain during the annihilation of the Jaguars. No one challenge Archer in this trial so he won it, becoming Star Captain Thomas Wirth. He took his middle name to honor his Freebirth father, and the Bloodname to honor his adoptive Clan. It was also the day he had added the tattoo of the Smoke Jaguar on his right arm. His Binary got assigned to the 4th Wolf Guards, stationed on the planet Dustball.

On 30th of July in 3064, the Wolf Guards went on high alert when the Rho Galaxy attacked Dustball. Star Captain Wirth is on patrol with his command Star, when the first Dropships were spotted and a Star of Mechs was hot drop as a screening force which surprised Wirth Star, destroying all, but his Crossfade Mech. He got on the comms to his Command, telling them of his situation, and they order him to hold the line till reinforcements arrived. He did as order, and saw that not all his Star had been destroyed, still up and running, MW Joshua Ward in his Hellbringer. They hooked back up and ran a running battle with the Falcon on them all the way till the rest of the 4th Wolf Guards, and Com Guards reinforcements showed up hours later. The battle for Dustball lasted into August, with the help of the Com Guards; the Wolf Guards defeated the Rho Galaxy protecting Dustball once again. Star Captain Wirth continues servicing with the 4th Wolf Guards even at the battle of Tharkad where the Wolves helped to end the FedCom Civil War in 3067. With things in the Inner Sphere coming to calm before the storm, the world of Outreach is attacked by Word of Blake and rogue mercenaries, but are defeated by the Wolf’s Dragoons and other mercenary allies.

Back in ARDC, Star Captain Thomas Wirth had turned 30, and now had trails ahead of him for his position from the younger warriors. The first came from a Ristar Star Commander Ivan Ward who challenged Wirth to a Trial of Position for his command of his 2 Binaries.

“I challenge you Star Captain, in a Trial of Position, because you have grown old you Stravag, quineg?”
“Neg, Star Commander, you wish to have my command, then I will see on the field of battle, in Mech combat, quiaff?”
“Aff, I accept, I bid my Mad Dog.”
“I bid my Warhammer.”
“Well bidden and done.”

The Trial of Position started and was pretty much a long range fight, but Wirth’s Warhammer out matched Ward’s Mad Dog and in the end Wirth stood victorious. No repairs were done to Wirth Mech as S Capt Joshua Radick challenge his position as well and Wirth accepted and the Trial of Position took place with Wirth’s Warhammer vs. Radick’s Timber Wolf. The battle began with long range fire from PPCs, Lasers, and Missiles as they run at each other, closer and closer. With a mountain ridge between, them, Wirth used to protect his damaged machine sniping his shots, at the Timber Wolf as it closed. Wirth moved his machine out of cover as the enemy Mech came around the ridge and they both fire their weapons and in the end they are both looking at the bottom of the ground in their ejection pods. As the pods come to the ground with a slam and a bounce, they both kick out the escape doors. They rush at each other, with Radick being the bigger and quicker of the two, but Wirth is more experienced in hand to hand combat. His training of the Jaguars, and Wolves, mixed with what he had picked up from some of the Kell Hounds. Radick round houses the back of Wirth head, knocking him forward, and then comes back around in a side swept kick, knocking Wirth’s feet from under him. Wirth falls face first into the ground, and Radick comes down with his elbow drop to the center of Wirth’s back, hoping to break the backbone. Wirth lets out a sound in pain, and quickly gets his crap together pushing himself up and out coming up with his right elbow to Radick groan making contact. Radick falls back grabbing himself in pain and as Wirth grabs his head, bring up his knee to Radick’s nose. He hears bone breaking as blood goes flying from Radick’s nose as he falls backwards. Wirth runs over kneeling down grabs Radick’s headed and with what strength he has left he breaks the neck of the Trueborn. Standing up, he looks at his poor Warhammer nothing but a smoking wreck. He looked around the field to see if anyone else was going to challenge him today, but there were none. So he called it a day, holding his back, and headed to his quarters for some much needed rest and wait for what the tomorrow would bring.

The next day, Thomas Wirth awoke to a beautiful day with one of his Point Commander knocking on his door, with orders from his commanding officer. He was being order to Arc-Royal to be an instructor at Arc-Royal Combat Training Program in Warrior’s Hall, for the next five years. So packed his stuff, and away he went to the spaceport, and onto Arc-Royal. During his five years as instructor he met many clan warriors of the Wolves, Sea Foxes, and many mercenaries. In 3075 his last year as an instructor he met a woman named Melissa Blaze, who showed a knack for Mech tactics, but wasn’t a MechWarrior. She piloted a Hawk Moth VTOL, which was a very quick chopper and could do some damage with its Light Gauss Rifle. To make things worst she was the lead of a squad of those lethal machines. So as they saw more and more of each other they became romantically involved, but since Wirth was Clan, they couldn’t marry, but since it was his last year he had put in his resignation from ARCTP and joined Melissa and her squad on their next mission.

As the APC drove him from Warrior’s Hall he looked out the window at all the Clan Mechs and Elementals standing guard. He thought to himself as he looked at Melissa, know that the Clans where all he really new and now was starting another chapter in his life. Melissa took his hand in her and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He turned his head looking at her, and spoke;

“So, my dear, what planet is this next mission of yours on?”
“We are heading to Terra.”


With all the training he had from his time with the Clans he is very quick on his feet, always thinking, always on the move, and with all his training and experiences, one thing remained with him. His very short temper, that formed from the death of his mother at age 10, which later got the attention of the Clans, and started his training to the man he is now. He is always open to new experiences, and for his Mech of choice is a Mech that is fast, LBX-10 Cluster ammo, a Hatch would be nice too, maybe a PPC and missiles too.