Paid to Post

The more you loot, the better you feel!
What this passage is discussing is the fact that the Restless Souls Mercenary Regiment rewards it's players for achievement by paying each Mercenary a bounty of C-Bills and XPs based on the number of words found in the final, accepted, transcript. The more the player posts, the more their character will earn to improve itself.

The intent of this system is to allow the Player to evolve his or her character over time and improve unit quality. It has become commonplace (from time-to-time) to allow the players some say over salvage as well. This is a system the Restless Souls intend to continue, as it fosters investiture in the role playing environment.

Why bother with a salary and bonus money for the characters at all? It allows players an outlet to further build and develop their characters. A newly-made character from the MechWarrior RPG (upon which we base our character creation process) tends to start the game in possession of a fairly bleak 5000 C-Bills' worth of cash and possessions. In time, a character can build a 'treasure hoard' of possessions, and who knows - in time, they may earn enough to purchase their own combat machine and strike off into business for themselves!