From February 26th 2011 to September 16th 2011 in Real Life

In Character Date of March 1st 3083 - Ends March 1st 3084

Registered Contract: FS-PA-12-01

Federated Suns
New Rhodes
Galactic Coordinates:
X: 103.28     Y: -15.91
New Rhodes III
Capital City:
Primary Terrain:
Primary Planetary Climate:
Contract Type:
Planetary Assault
Contract Duration:
12 Months (180 Days in REAL TIME) negotiable
Federated Suns
Employer Contact:
ROBINSON OPERATIONS AREA CO: Field Marshal Vanessa Bisla
Command Rights:
Independent Command
Forces Recommended:
A Regiment Strength Detachment

Supporting Forces:


Enemy Forces:

50th Dieron Regulars Non-'Mech Contingents

Supplement Contracts Offered:

Offensive Campaign
Bounty Per Word:
1,900 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty:
144,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target:
144,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Category:
Type-C Salvage


New Rhodes III is a small, mostly desert world, unremarkable except for two things. First, because of its small star, the travel time between New Rhodes III and its jump point is very quick. With such short turnaround times, New Rhodes III became a crucial resupply world during the First Succession War and was fought over several times. However, it is the Colossii that truly sets New Rhodes III apart; luckily, none of the chain was touched during any of the Succession Wars. Found in 2259 by the first colonists, these huge rock pillars-approximately one hundred fifty in the chain, which runs in a snaking pattern from deep within the central desert on the continent of Crete, terminating right at the edge of the equatorial ocean-have been scientific oddities for centuries.

Geologists speculate that a meteor-in all likelihood several meteors-from outside the galaxy impacted on New Rhodes some two million year ago, bringing chemicals and minerals completely foreign to the planet. After millennia of wind erosion and harsh desert climate mixed to reveal the minerals trapped in the ground, the Colossii revealed themselves in all their wonder and splendor; there are colors found in these rocks that have literally not been found on a single other colonized world. As word slowly spread, New Rhodes III became a pleasure destination from across the Inner Sphere, resulting in the small capital of Xerxes being established near the southern end of the Colossii chain. However, because of the harsh conditions of most of the rest of the planet-the continents of Minos and Sparta are almost unlivable-New Rhodes III is permanent home to only desert nomads and a small scientific community; the "capital" is home almost exclusively to said community. .

Socio-Industrial Levels:

Technological Development

High-tech world with advanced research centers and universities; best medical care available; cutting-edge microelectronics industry.

Industrialization Level

Heavily industrialized world capable of manufacturing any and all complex output.

Raw Material Dependence

World/system produces all the raw materials needed and commonly exports large quantities of surplus.

Industrial Output

World has a wide industrial base that produces many different types of products and exports most of its output.

Agricultural Dependence

World has a rich environment producing a great excess of food in relation to population needs, with planet's agricultural regions augmented by agricultural technologies; exports some portion of its resources.


Okay. We have found a chink in the Dragon's armor in the form of New Rhodes III. The Draconis Combine is smarting so deep into our March as they are. Intel confirms that they have only conventional troops garrisoning this world. Remnants from the 50th Dieron Regulars, An armored Regiment, 2 Infantry Regiments - 1 Mechanized, 1 motorized, a Battalion of Battle Armor, and 2 Wings of AeroSpace Fighters.

Duke Tancred Sandoval needs your unit to wrest the planet away from the Dragon's claws. We need to close the door on House Kurita supply lines. However the Federated Suns can not risk the use of BattleMechs due to the historical chain of Colossii. Under no circumstances must any damage occur to these historical landmark. So you will have to fight the Dragon on its own terms. No-'Mechs. They have been shuttling supplies in from Markab into the New Rhodes Sytstem and ferrying them out to Mirach and Schedar. With the interruption of thier supply operation, Mirach and Schedar will be ripe for the picking.

There is another reason why we are contracting this operation out to your mercenary unit. Transportation. I am sure that the entire Inner Sphere knows by now of the attack allegedly launched by pro-Kuritan sympathizers against our House's Naval assets. Well that attack has left the Draconis March hurting for JumpShip transports and your unit has it's own Naval Armada. You will gain full compensation at the standard rate for the use of your own transportation. You will have independant command, no liaison will be attached during this mission. You will also receive standard salvage rights should you accept this contract.


1) Liberate New Rhodes III
2) Put a stop to House Kuritas resupply operation


1) Do Not allow any damage to the chian of Colossii
2) Very Little to No 'Mech deployment