Please look for any position you want!


We have 20 positions open for you raging from light mechs to assaults. Your mech will be assigned to you based on skill and quality of your first impression. This is by far the hardest league to compete in. Lots of players and lots of officers. Will you have what it takes to stole their seats?

Aerospace and VTOL Pilots

You can pick out any ride you want except that of the Squadron CO. You will be an officer from the first day and if you work enough you might get that command you always wanted.

Battle Armor Pilots

We have more than a company worth of Battle Armor and if you apply for this position you will surely get a squad command and make your first step towards leading the whole Infantry personnel.

Vehicle Commanders or Drivers

Well, you're in no short supply of picks here either. Be careful though since the top job here will need work in order to earn it and you won't receive the same respect as a Mechwarrior officer since you are still technically under their command no matter your rank.


Wanna patch up the armor or change that screwy actuator. We have plenty of mechs, fighters, vehicles, dropships for you to mess around with inside their guts.

Dropships Crew or Officers

You have a knack for plotting courses or you enjoy firing those big guns in the vacuum or you just like the command couch of a dropship or even a Jumpship then you have a place here.

Kitchen Staff

The worst of the worst ey? Not quite! Without these fellows the precious mechwarrior will starve to death since we know they don't make a difference between oregano and curry.