Standard Benefit Package

Wait...we get paid, too?
So what do I get for letting people shoot at me?

Each mercenary for the Restless Souls Mercenary Regiment (RSMR) receives a Monthly Salary, delivered to the financial institution of their choice, based upon position, grade, and experience. In addition to their salary, RSMR personnel and their dependants are covered by full medical insurance, provided on-site or by specialists as required. Combat Personnel will also receive a Variable Bonus determined by the SLDF's Division of Mercenary Management's Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission after review of contract BattleROMs. This amount is set and paid by the contract employer, and simply routed to RSMR personnel by the Regiment. Requests to learn the amount of remuneration earned by personnel other than yourself will be ignored by RSMR Administration.

Room and Board
Lodgings for bachelor personnel are provided in the form of four-person apartments in the SLDF DMM Mercenary Ward (AKA 'Barracks' or 'M-Ward') at Terra's Alice Springs Castle Brian Complex. General officers and personnel with dependants are offered the same apartments with single (or single-family) occupancy. RSMR personnel are provided a stipend to assist with their food purchases, or may waive this stipend in whole or in part to partake of the Civilian Ward's Dietary Services Division. Food and Lodgings while on-contract for combat personnel will vary, but will be provided-for by the Regiment.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you . . .
All RSMR combat machines are maintained, repaired, and rearmed by the Regiment at no cost to the assigned personnel. Military vehicles owned by RSMR personnel (ie Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Brade's Warhawk) that are used on Regiment contract are likewise supported by the Regiment.

Personal vehicles are not provided to general personnel, but may be requested from the motor pool by any officer, non-commissioned or commissioned, until such time as the officer has been found to abuse this privilege. Personnel may park their personal vehicle(s), (if any) on the Regiment lot. Please inform the SLDF Quartermaster Corps if you intend to store personal military vehicles at least three days in advance.

Technical services and maintenance for said vehicles can be provided at a discounted price. Please contact your immediate supervisor for information about these services.

Dress Code
A clothing allowance of 1000 C-Bills is provided. The mercenary may spend their clothing allowance as they see fit, but note well that as a military unit under the auspices of the Star League Defense Force, the Restless Souls maintain a strict dress code during all military operations. The following articles of clothing are REQUIRED for all personnel:
Article I Qty Cost ea. Wt ea.
RSMR Uniform, Dress 2 180 C-Bills 4.5 kg
RSMR Uniform, Duty 7 65 C-Bills 3.6 kg

Recommended Wardrobe for RSMR Duty Personnel is as Follows:

Article Qty Cost ea. Wt ea.
Combat Boots 1 50 C-Bills 2.3 kg
Battle Dress Utility 4 30 C-Bills 1 kg
Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) 1 130 C-Bills 2 kg
Running Shoes 1 35 C-Bills 300 g
Running Suit 1 25 C-Bills 500g
Hostile Weather Gear 1 200 C-Bills 5 kg
RSMR Uniform, Dress 2 180 C-Bills 4.5 kg
RSMR Unifrom, Duty 7 65 C-Bills 3.6 kg
    1375 C-Bills 31 kg