This Emailing List RPG is for BattleTech Mercenaries, from WizKids, LLC BattleTech and Mechwarrior Series. Some familiarity with the rules is a must

  1. Restless Souls will be played with Third Edition Mechwarrior rules ONLY.

  2. During character creation you may use an extra 25 XPs. If you use more than these allotted points, your character will NOT be accepted. The basic rule of thumb is simple: if you can provide a detailed and interesting background, then a more advanced character may be possible. Ask the GM for details.

  3. Characters may be from any of the Inner Sphere Houses or any of the Clans from the published rule books. I prefer the Inner Sphere Houses, but if you just must choose Clan Warrior then submit your request. I caution those who do, you will have more fun playing an Inner Sphere House!

  4. Characters may similarly have any of the standard skills in the main or supplementary published core rule books.

  5. Characters are free to use the standard abilities from the published core rules, and to add any abilities they feel may be suitable for their character. However, if you decide upon an unusual ability, how did they learn it?

  6. During character Generation you should set the BattleMech priority at zero for Dispossessed. All Mechs will be purchase by the Unit CO from the DMM.

  7. Players are encouraged to take Advantages and flesh character Hooks. Beware! The GM can and will use Hooks during the game to hamper the character.

  8. You MUST supply the ST with an equipment list if you plan to use these objects during the course of the campaign. If it is not on your character sheet then you do not have it. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  9. Concept and background are important, especially if you want to play-long term. What is your character's history? How and when did she become a MechWarrior? What motivates her? Does she have family? The MORE detailed, the better, because a good concept is more important than mere numbers or Skill Levels can ever be! The GM will increase or decrease skill levels based on character history.

  10. The Conduct of Warfare as outlined on the 'Emailing Etiquette' page will be rigidly enforced. Blatant disregard of the C.O.W., your immediate Commanding Officer's, or the Lieutenant General's orders will resultant in removal from the campaign.

MechWarrior RPG Character Creation

While The Restless Souls does not support the mass-distribution of PDF versions of the current CBT sourcebooks, there are 2 PDF's compilations that have been released which are very helpful in the understanding of character creation. The first (MechWarrior Affiliations) contains information on the base Affiliations used in the MechWarrior RPG. The second (MechWarrior Master Document) is a detailed encyclopedia of all the base Life Paths from all 4 life stages of character creation. This second PDF also contains cross links to Next Path information, which can make planning out your future characters much easier.

If you need help with character concept or creation, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email the GM. When you have completed your character, please email it to the Unit Lieutenant General