Joined the unit on
Nashiro Torii
Eye Colour :
Hair Colour :
Brown w/Highlights
Date of Birth :
21 October 3059
Japanese, English, Arabic, & Swedish
Traditional Theater, Classical Music, Dance, & Gambling
Place of Birth
Draconis Combine
Ashio IV
Weight Class:
Fighting Style:
Long Range Support
AeroSpace Fighter:
Kirghiz B
Nashiro's Photo


Early Years,

Nashiro Torii was born the unforseen result of a brief liaison between an aged military governor Nagoya Ohashi the young geisha Nashiro Oime. And while it was not uncommon for young artisans like her mother to elect simply to abort the child in favour of her career, Oime in the end elected otherwise fearful that she might not have the chance later in life.

At first the choice seemed simple enough a thing and Nashiroís mother lavished affection upon the child without worry that the childís father would discover nor interfere. Fate however proved unkind and word having reached the aged Nagoya, and having only 3 sons from his wife the man was overjoyed at the prospect of having a daughter and upon her fifth birthday arrived unexpectedly to meet the child for himself.

Nishiro was then taken into her fatherís household much to the dismay of both her mother and Nagoyaís own children who voiced their concerns almost at once. This said all objections were silenced when Nagoyaís wife Uíkiko claimed Nashiro as her own child and put all debate to rest.

Traditional Education,

Nashiroís upbringing was divided between three different worlds, The first of course was the state sponsored compulsory education which is mandatory across the whole of the Combine. the second being that of her two mothers Omie & Uíkiko whom both favoured the traditional arts and saw it as a means of securing a good marriage saw to it that the young Nashiro was well versed in Theatre, Music, and History, as well as some less then honourable skills taught to her by her mother. Her father on the other hand saw no reason that a child of his girl or boy should not be well versed in the Military arts as well using her three older brothers as examples of both the best and worst traits a soldier in service to the Combine.

Military Service Record,

At nineteen Nashiro officially entered military service after concluding her Officer Candidate courses at the Academy. Having proved herself to be her fatherís child in every way she rose rapidly through the cadet ranks, earning a number of awards and honors the greatest of these being placement in the academies ATD Military Science Program which in turn won her admittance to the Tsu-Zhang Military Academy where she earned her wings as a Aeromech pilot and Military Scientist.

In total Nashiro served 3 tours with the Draconis Naval Forces seeing both the best and worst the universe had to offer while at the same time earning herself a the recognition of her superiors as she moved from battlefield to the next.

While no stranger to horrors of combat it was during her 3rd and final tour that Nashrio was at last forced to learn a hard truth about loyalty honor and service to the Combine. When command of the battle group to which she was assigned passed briefly to Sho-Sho Akagi a brilliant ground tactician who unfortunately had no grasp of air power or its role in combat. Rather the Sho-Sho elected to employ his newly acquired Aerospace assets in an ill conserved plan to strike the logistical assets of the enemy prior to landing the bulk of his forces on the planetís surface.

Loyal to a fault and Nashiro followed orders as was expected and launched to meet the enemy holding out a vain hope that the plan through some stroke of luck or divine influence might have a chance to succeed. Sadly it didnít and Nashiro was forced to bare silent witnessed from her disabled Slayer to the loss of 3 entire aerospace wings over Kazanka.

The fact that she had lived only made the events worse and having seen enough Nashiro resigned her commission much to the protest of her superiors and close friends.

A long way from home,

After her end of service rather than return to the homeworld to endure a hollow and empty life. Nashiro set course for the parts unknown in an effort to find herself again and regain some part of what she had lost.

It didnít take Nashiro long before she found herself employing the skills she had learned to acquire odd piloting jobs on one vessel or another as well a newly acquired talent for winning at cards. Sadly she also picked up an assortment of bad habits the worst of which included often drinking to excess on almost a nightly basis and more often than not waking in the bunks of men whose names she could not recall but who more than willing to part with the sums agreed upon the night before.

Nashiro wandered the space lanes with no set destination in mind making planet fall on one world or another long enough to earn a sizable sum at the gambling halls, and getting drunk enough to wash away the bad taste of her day to day life.

Change came in the form of an offer of an employment as a pilot for a newly formed mercenary company and while she had no intentions of taking the offer that was made, there was word of employment with other mercenary units on Terra Ö


Nashiro has what many would consider a passive manner and is often times most disarming to those unprepared for how accommodating she can be in most social exchanges. Both charming and witty when the mood strikes her this coupled with her good looks makes her a welcome addition to most gatherings.

Raised in a classical household and trained from and early age in the classical dance forms common of the Draconis Combine her movements have a fluid grace to them that hardly ever goes unnoticed.

Nashiro however does indulge a few bad habits, excessive drinking and gambling being the most well known. In addition however she also has a temperament that is almost legendary in some social circles.