If you want to join please follow the following instructions!

Before you continue reading this introduction I suggest for you to take a tour and see what we have to offer and if you think that we're the ones you're looking for than please come right in. As a new player please realize that you are entering a brand new world of gaming (you probably know this, but I'm telling it anyway).

You might have found us on your own or through Battletech Mercenaries or BTM for short. If it wasn't the second then please know that we are part of the community found at Battletech Mercenaries.

And so we reach the main topic of our discussion. Since we are part of the BTM community your application will have to go through them. First of all if you are new to this kind of play or to our community please enter the Newbie Section on the BTM site. Do this now or after you join!

Done with the 'short' introduction into our game? Yes. Good. Now all you have to do is to join. For that you need to go to the Join section on the BTM site, register and make a character application and after you completed everything required make sure you have selected the Restless Souls as your desired unit.

Here is a direct link to the Join section of the BTM site. LINK But I suggest going the long way since the BTM site is quite friendly concerning newcomers and there is enough information for new players to satisfy their questions.

Glad to have you aboard warrior!